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Antique Cities in Turkey

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Adana - Anavarza

This site which was known as Caesarea or Anazarbus during the times of the Roman Empire is 28 km to the south of the Kozan District of the Adana province. The small village built just outside the antique city walls is Dilekkaya. Read More

Antalya - Daglik

It is within borders of Guneykoy 18 km. away from Gazipasa district. It falls into the borders of region known as Mountainous Kilikya in Ancient Times. The name of the town comes from Antiochust 4 , king of Kommagene. The ruins are collected... Read More

Antalya - Selinus

3 km. on south of Gazipasa about 45 km. away from Alanya. The city is on a skirt of hill extending to the sea in elbow shape. There is acropolis of the city on the hill. There is cradle vaulted two room bath in the point where Selinus (Haci ... Read More

Antalya - Aspendos

The ancient city, 48km east of Antalya, is most famous for its theatre, probably the best preserved in Asia Minor. It is still in use today, and stages the annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival every summer. It was the scene of a huge bl... Read More

Antalya - Perge

Situated 18 km east of Antalya, Perge is in the city limits of Aksu Bucagi. Because of its location on the Cilicia - Pisidia road, it was a vital part of the province of Pamphylia, and was founded around the same time as the other cities in ... Read More

Antalya - Termessos

The ruined city of Termessos, lying 34km west of Antalya in a rugged mountain valley, was founded by the Solymi people, from the interior of Anatolia. Among the important remains are, the 4200-seat theatre and the Roman stele that Augustus h... Read More

Antalya - Xanthos

Founded on the Xanthos river basin,Xanthos is the biggest and the most ancient city of Lycia. Having being remained independent till the invasions of the Persians in 4292 B.C,Xanthos tried hard to defend against the invasions;however, upon r... Read More

Antalya - Patara

It is on Kalkan-Fethiye road,nearly 10 km before Kalkan and is located at the south.. The colorful ceramics in the center of the city reveal that the history of the city reaches back to 5 B.C. Besides its being the birth place of St. Nichola... Read More

Antalya - Demre (Myra)

Demre was one of the most important cities of the Lycian civilisation. 25km west of Finike and 48km east of Kas, Demre was a place of settlement from the 5th century BC. The city was deserted in 9 A.D after the invasions of the Arabs. Rock t... Read More

Antalya - Limyra

Believed to have been in existence since the 5th century, Limyra is still in existence despite a massive earthquake in the mid 19th century although was emptied in the 7th and 9th centuries after the Arab invasions. The city, which is 11km s... Read More

Antalya - Antiphellos (Kaş)

Not much remains from this city since it was established on top of the old city of Antiphellos in Central Lycia. From an inscription written in two languages, we can see that the city under Kaş was Antiphellos. But the old name of Kaş... Read More

Aydin - Aphrodisias

This unique ancient city was named after Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. The origins of the city could be traced back to the late Neolithic ages. Following the rise of the Roman supremacy in the region in the 2nd century BC, a hol... Read More

Bodrum - Pedasa

Pedesa is four kilometres away as the crow flies, on the top of a hill covered with trees. As there is no road and you can only get there on foot. For those who are interested this trip will give them a pleasant hike and great satisfaction. ... Read More

Bodrum - Telmissos

Telmissos is on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road, three kilometres past Ortakent. The site is in the village of Gürece, which is two kilometres before the turn for Gümüşlük, with the hill where the remains are to be found ... Read More

Bodrum - Müsgebi (Ortakent)

Müsgebi in Ortakent was also a Leleg settlement. During the excavations conducted in the necropolis of this city, pottery from the 15th and 13th centuries BC from Mycea was unearthed.
Read More

Bodrum - Stratonikeia

The archaic city of Stratonikeia lies in the borders of Eskihisar Village on Yatağan - Milas highway that is 6 - 7 km to the west of Yatağan District of Muğla.The city was established in the 3rd century BC. Syrian ... Read More

Bodrum - Lagina

Lagina Hekate holy area is on the borders of the Turgut Area of the Yatağan District of Muğla. The Lagina ruins are reached by going 9 km by the asphalt road that splits in to two taking the right near the Thermal plant. The fame o... Read More

Bodrum - Sedir Island (Kedriai Ancient City)

Sedir Island (Kedriai ancient city), that is on the borders of the Ula district, in the Gökova Gulf, with its archaeological natural structure, is one of the parts of the region, where cultural tourism is very dense. Transportation to S... Read More

Canakkale - Assos

Assos, the famous teaching center of antiquity is 87 km south of Çanakkale in Ayvacık County. Aristotle, Plato's most famous student, was invited to Assos and spent over three years living and teaching there. He married the niece o... Read More

Canakkale - Troy

Troy which has an important position on the land of Anatolia where the civilization of the world has been born and had flourished has always attracted the interest of the archaeologists around the world for almost a hundred years. Iliad and ... Read More

Cappadocia - Ruins


Göreme, in which there are lots of fairy chimneys and churches, is declared as an open air museum. Tokalı Church, Priestesses and Priests Monastery, Saint Basil Chapel, Elmalı Church, Saint Barbar... Read More

Cesme - Erythrai

Çeşme is a port of Erythrai Ancient City, was called as Cyssus in Ancient Times. It was an important settlement area in the 6th century BC. The city developed its trade by establishing relations with Egypt, Cyprus and Western Count... Read More

Corum - Alaca Hoyuk

Alacahöyük is located 45 kilometres south of Çorum and 17 kilometres northwest of the Alaca township. The Alacahöyük village is 34 kilometres away from Boğazköy and 210 kilometres away from Ankara. ... Read More

Corum - Bogazkale-Hattusa

The historical site of Boğazköy (Hattusas) is located at 82 km to the southwest of Çorum and it is 208 km from Ankara. Boğazköy (Hattusas) site which was located at the core region of the Hittite state is at the sout... Read More

Fethiye - Ancient Cities

Although the history of Fethiye, or with its ancient name Telmessos, which is the only center where settlement continued from its establishment on Mediterranean shore band until today, goes back to 3rd thousands BC in a... Read More

Foca - Phokaia

The first natives of the Ancient Phokaia settlement in the place of today's Old Foça are known as the immigrants who came from the Phokis environs in Greece. Phokaia and its two ports had significantly grown and become one of the ... Read More

Izmir - Bergama

Located 100 km from north of İzmir in the Bakırçay river basin, Bergama is one of the Turkey's oldest civilized settlements which, has been inhabited from pre-historic times through the Ionic, Roman and Byzantine civilizations... Read More

Izmir - Sardis

Sardis (Salihli/Sart) which was known as the capital of theLydia Kingdom was founded in the VIIIth century B.C. and was ruled by the kings: Gyges, Ardys, Sadyattes, Alyattes and Kroisos. The city was conquered by the Persian King Kyros in 54... Read More

Kekova - Üçağız Village (Kekova)

It is between Kaş-Demre. It is an ancient submerged city 500 m far from the Üçağız Village in Mediterranean.
Kekova is the name of a region of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Kekova has a sorely se... Read More

Kemer - Phaselis

It is at 58th km of Antalya - Finike road. It is also possible to reach Phaselis city by maritime lines, which is 15 km away from Kemer.

It is thought that one of the eastern coastal cities of Lycia, Phaselis is one of the commerc... Read More

Kemer - Olympos

On the Antalya-Finike road, in order to go to Olympos, you should make a turn from Ulupinar when you see the sign pointing to the ruins. A narrow but beautiful road will take you to the beach of Olympos.To go to the ruins, you'll pass a cree... Read More

Kemer - Chimera (Yanartaş)

An interesting natural beauty, the mythological Yanartaş (Chimera) is located in the north of Olympus, at the upper side of the Çıralı Beach.The burning stones which are located about an hour's ride from Olympos have a my... Read More

Konya - Catal Hoyuk

Çatalhöyük is 10 kilometres east of Konya's Çumra Township. The tumulus is a hill with two flat areas with different altitudes. Because of these two elevations, it is called 'çatal,' meaning fork. Çatalhöyü... Read More

Konya - Kilistra

Archaic city Kilistra is located 49 km southwest Gokyurt / Hatunsaray. The settlement in Kilistra is believed to be established first during the Hellenistik and Roman Times (BC 2nd century - AD 3rd century) according to result of the archeol... Read More

Konya - Karahuyuk

One of the important historical centres of Konya, which has been searched and being searched is Karahöyük. Karahöyük has taken its name from Karahöyük Village that is close to it. The village beside the asphalt ... Read More

Konya - Hadim Bolat Area Astra Archaic City

Astra archaic city is located in Temasalik Hill location of Bolat Area of Hadim District of Konya Province.Upon its being subject to big illegal excavations, it has been taken under protection with a guard and has been converted into a ruin ... Read More

Kusadasi - Kolophon and Notion

Kolophon (Değirmendere) is one of the twelve fon cities. Although it had a strong navy and cavalry force, it had suffered many wars and had been ruled by forces of Lydia, Persia and Macedonia - even at times by sea pirates.. Read More

Kusadasi - Ephesos

Ephesos, which was one of the twelve Ion cities, developed as a result of a union of Ionian immigrants with the natives living near the temple of Kybele. Afterwards, the spectacular temple built for this goddess who then took the name of the... Read More

Nemrut - Arsameia Ruins (Nymphaios Arsameia)

According to inscriptions by Antiochus, Arsameia was the summer capital and administrative centre of the Kingdom, founded at the beginning of the 2nd century BC by Arsemez, a descendent of Kommadenes. Read More

Nemrut - New Castle

Near the village of Kocahisar (Eski Kahta), Yeni Kale was constructed by the Commagenes and used alongside Arsameia, opposite. The castle, which was restored by the Romans and then the Mamluks, had its most recent renovations in the 1970s. W... Read More

Pamukkale - Hierapolis

The ancient city of Hierapolis, the original site of Pamukkale, was known as the Holy City in the archaeological literature because of the abundance of temples and other religious structures in the area. Although there is limited information... Read More

Pamukkale - Tripolis

Tripolis is 40 km north of Denizli City center. It is established in the east of Yenicekent Town of Buldan District, on the slopes between Buyuk Menderes River and the town. It is connected to both Aegean shores and to Inner Anatolia and Med... Read More

Side - Selge

You can reach to Selge, which is an ancient mountain city, near to Köprü Stream (Eurymdon) at south slope of Toroslar, 35 km. north of Serik, from a 14 km. stabilized road with steep bends after Köprülü Canyon Nation... Read More

Side - Ancient Side

Side, which is 7 km. away from Manavgat, is an ancient settlement center. Side, which is mentioned by historians as founded in 1405 A. D., had met with the reigns of Lydian, Persian, Alexander The Great's, Antiogonous's, Ptolemaioses, respec... Read More

Side - Seleukeia (Lyrbe)

To the northwest of Manavgat are the remains of the ancient city of Seleukeia, situated within the Şıhlar settlement unit. The city is known to have been founded as a fortified acropolis town to be used as a final defence and prote... Read More

Side - Etenna

Etenna, which is 29 km. north of Manavgat, is founded on the hill, is at the upper part of today's Sırt Village. At the top of the city, it is thought as a bishop center during Byzantium period, there is an Acropolis, which is composed ... Read More

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