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Special Dinner Booking
Special Dinner Booking
Special Dinner in Istanbul. Traditional Turkish Cuisine by the Boshourus a
Simultaneous Interpretation in Turkey
Simultaneous Interpretation in Turkey
Our professional interpreters n over 300 events producing 1000+ interprete
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Medical Tourism Turkey
Healinturkey.com is one of the leading teams in Medical Travel in Turkey.

Istanbul Walking Tour / Discover 

A walk, through the main sights in the old city. An excellent way to orientate yourself! Enjoy an authentic oriental atmosphere, the ambience of the mosques, bazaars and less known areas of old Istanbul. Stops include: Sultanahmet Square: the great square in front of the Blue Mosque is the site of ancient Hippodrome, the former center of sportive and civil activities of Constantinople. Today, with its surrounding area, resembles an open-air museum.

Divan Yolu, the Road of Divan and Yeniceriler Caddesi, the Avenue of Janissaries, the ancient thoroughfare between Saint Sophia and Beyazit Square continued to be one of the principal arteries of the town in Ottoman times, for it was the main road from Topkapi Palace to the center of Istanbul. For that reason it is lined with monuments of the the imperial Ottoman centuries, as well as some ruined remnants of imperial Byzantium. Beyazit Square: the Beyazidiye, the mosque and associated pious foundations of Sultan Beyazit.

 The mosque marks the beginning of the great classical period, which continued for more than two hundred years. Suleymaniye: the imperial mosque complex of Suleyman the Magnificent, a masterwork of the greatest of the Ottoman architects, the incomparable Sinan. An exquisite and as yet unspoiled district with traditional old wooden houses. Through the Markets and Bazaars: The region between Beyazit Square and Galata Bridge is the principal market district of the city. This is one of the oldest and most picturesque quarters of Istanbul.

We will find that many of the streets in this district are named after the tradesmen and artisans who carry on their activities there, as they have for centuries past. Sahaflar Carsisi, the ancient and still busy book market of Istanbul. Covered Bazaar, a labyrinth of streets and passages that houses more than 4.000 shops. Valide Hani, the grandest and most interesting of all merchants' lodgings in the city. Spice Bazaar, where the enticing aromas of cinnamon, caraway, saffron, mint, thyme, and every other conceivable herb and spice fills the air. Our guides can give you up-to-date advice about what to do after the tour is over.

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